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Anton Bayer

Anton is the founder of Up Capital Management and Chairman of the Investment Committee for the firm’s propriety model portfolios. He has over 34 years of experience as a Registered Representative and Registered Investment Advisor earning his Certified Financial Planners designation in 1985 at Golden Gate University. Prior to launching Up Capital Management in 2009, Anton was the Senior Vice President of CBIZ Wealth Management where he co-managed over $900 million in assets for individual and corporate accounts.


Since 2003, Anton has published Managing to Retire, a quarterly investment & economic-focused newsletter, and beginning in 2012, The Weekly Brief. In 2007, he released the book titled, Exposing the Myths to Achieving Financial Success. Anton has been a frequent guest on regional and national media programs including CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Radio, KRON TV, etc. In 2015, he co-founded Harris-Bay, a real estate private equity company currently managing over $80 million in property assets.

Anton is also a private pilot and co-owner of the historic warbird T-34A Mentor.  Aviation provides excellent reference points to the tasks of preparation, execution, and achieving your mission of financial success.


Physicians' Guide to Wealth

The Doctor's Guide to Financial Independence

If you want to build incredible wealth, if you want to avoid making deadly investment mistakes, if you want a fulfilling retirement where you get to spend your best days with your loved ones; then this book could change the trajectory of your entire future.

What People Are Saying

I have been with Up Capital Management and Anton Bayer for many many years. My experience with Anton Bayer and UP Capital Management has been nothing short of a great experience. Through out our relationship there has been Up's and Down's within the Financial Market. Anton's attention to either of these was very "Professional". When the Market flipped back from a few of the down turns, our account rebounded with direction of Anton and Up Capital Management. We enjoy the Monthly Market Updates and the incite that both and Anton and Nyle Bayer have put into this information. Up Capital Management Staff has always been very helpful and will work eagerly to help where they can. My wife and I are delighted that I was able to meet Anton and his family many years ago and were able to build a strong "Financial Relationship".
Michael Turck
Up Capital Client
As an older physician, I wish this book were available when I was much younger. Mr. Bayer has a wealth of background experience to write this book. Reading this is like obtaining a very complete financial consultation on how to achieve your retirement dreams. Doctors can dream of a great retirement, but many of them spend too little time understanding the financial steps necessary. From market cycles, private equity offerings, the place of insurance, and working with your attorney to protect your wealth, this book is a gem. I am going to send copies to each of my four non-physician daughters and their families, it is that good.
Charles Maas, MD
I have had the good fortune of having Anton advise our medical practice for the past three years and I certainly wish we had met him sooner. Because of his insights, I am financially far more secure than I would have been otherwise. By using predictable macrocycles he demystifies the market and shows you how to benefit as much as possible from current market trends.
Clyde Redmond, MD
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Solutions, LLC
Totally excellent in relationships and results!! If I had found them 20 years earlier I would have doubled my current assets.
Doug Pulley
Up Capital Client
We have nothing but high praise for Anton Bayer and his team. Anton has managed our portfolio for more than 20 years and the results have been remarkable. His attention to a wide array of economic indicators, both current and historical, inform his investment decision making in a very intelligent way. He communicates frequently, keeping us in the loop with a weekly news update and regularly scheduled meetings. Anton is a person of integrity, intellect, and business savvy, and we trust him implicitly with our investments.
Paul and Marilyn Dion
Up Capital Client
The advisors are so well informed and not pushy. They present with as much objectivity fact based patterns and let u make your decisions.
Robert Young
Up Capital Client

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At Up Capital Management, you’re more than just a number with a bank account. Ask our clients – it’s how we built our company and reputation. You and your family are special, and you’ve got big plans. We’re here to help you focus on those plans. The quality of life means worrying about whether you should stay in Hawaii for three weeks instead of two, not second-guessing how your retirement savings are being managed.